Happy New Year

| 31st December 2015

Last year I wrote about our Schlumbergera, or Christmas Cactus, and how it had actually flowered at Christmas for the first time in living memory.

Boxing Day

| 27th December 2015

Rather appropriately I spent yesterday cutting up boxes. I thought I’d put all that behind me back in August.

Yuletide Felicitations!

| 25th December 2015

Or to put it another way, Merry Xmas from ‘Grassy Bottom’. I’ve recently watched the Xmas episode of ‘The Good Life’. It still makes me laugh after all these years and I just had a ‘Margot moment’ when I was choosing my title!

The Beginning

| 19th December 2015

On Thursday morning work started on the garden project.

Good News

| 13th December 2015

After much waiting, we are hopeful that the work on the garden will start before Xmas.

Words And Things

| 4th December 2015

During the last few weeks Peter has been working hard on the garden/garage project doing lots of research, trying to find suitable styles and materials at a reasonable cost, ready for Adrian’s arrival.