Elephant In The Room

Posted By on 19th February 2018

Well, the decorating we started at Xmas is almost complete, it’s been quite a task and taken longer than it should because we took a bit of a detour to strip and re-polish the oak desk that Peter bought a few weeks ago.

Anyone who has stripped a piece of large furniture will know it’s a very messy procedure. Remember the Wake Table?

We stripped that in the garden and we’d intended to do the same with the desk, but having seen a burly delivery man struggle to get it through either the front or back doors, we decided to leave well alone. As a result it got stripped and polished in the room we were in the middle of decorating, not an ideal situation, but we managed.

We still have to tackle the area around the fireplace, but we think we’ve found an elegant solution which is also quite interesting so I will write about that later.

Meanwhile, remember this 7ft beauty from a few weeks ago? It’s now looking much more at home as you can see here, set above the newly polished desk with 4 engravings along its length.

Peter’s computer is now also in place complete with his ‘Union Jack’ beer mat. Each side of the desk, just out of shot, we have our old but much loved heavy wooden hi-fi speakers. (Yes, I know most people have moved on, but we haven’t)

When the room is finished they will provide homes for the equally old turntable (have you heard vinyl is making a comeback?) and the terrestrial globe that we bought a few weeks ago from Hemswell Antiques Centre. I don’t know how old it is but Sri Lanka is shown as Ceylon, so we’re guessing it must be pre-1948.

By now the observant among you might have noticed the ‘elephant’ in the room, having received nary a mention let alone a detailed description and I bet it’s the thing you’re most curious about!

A ceramic bust (literally) of unknown vintage, purpose or origin, bought from our local antique centre in Louth.

It’s official, Peter has finally lost the plot!

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