Phase 1 Complete

Posted By on 14th October 2020

A couple of weeks ago, when I last wrote about the front garden, I had just finished getting rid of all the various kinds of debris and marked it out ready for the 15square metres of turf.

But before the turf there had to be topsoil,

2 bags of it in fact, each weighing 1000kgs, which is approximately 1 ton in old money.

Never having done anything like this on my own before, I gave myself 3 days to do the job, but secretly hoped I could do it in 2. I’d checked the weather forecast carefully beforehand for 3 suitable days, because I really needed it to rain.

How long does it take a 9stone pensioner to distribute about 1500kgs of topsoil? Answer, roughly 3 hours.

I had about half a bag left which will do for adding to some flower beds at a later date. So far, so good.

My sister had warned me how heavy the rolled-up turves are, particularly when wet, and I had 15 of them!

She was right too, I managed the first half dozen well enough, but then tiredness began to creep in, and by the time I was cutting the last piece out of the final roll, I was just about on my knees.

But I made it and in 2 days too.

I finished it off with topsoil sprinkled in the ‘joins’ to guard against drying out, but as the weather turned very wet over the next few days it probably wasn’t necessary.

Looking forward to next Spring now, when I should have a beautiful lawn!

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