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Posted By on 21st October 2020

I’m pleased to say the kittens in Scotland are doing well. Janice can’t get any jobs done and Graham can’t spin his wool in the shed, but the 7 little furry bundles of mischief, fun and energy are thriving. So that’s alright then!

They all have names now, but please don’t ask me to identify the white ones.

You’ve already met ‘Piglet’, the runt of the litter, here he is with his friend ‘Merlin’ the tabby.

The white ones are ‘Hissing Sid’, for obvious reasons, though he has actually calmed down in recent weeks.

‘Margot’ (Leadbetter from ‘The Good Life’) because she is rather aloof and tends not to mix as much with the others.

Then there is ‘Blanche’ (Ingram from Jane Eyre) simply because she’s mostly white. Personally I would have gone with Blanche Hunt from ‘Corrie’, you can see Janice and I have rather differing tastes in popular culture!

Finally, there are ‘Tipsy’ because she has a white tip to her tail, and ‘TW’ which is short for ‘tabby and white’. I’ll let you decide which is which, the only one missing here is ‘Piglet’.

I’ve loved how the naming process has evolved over the weeks as personalities appear, but fear it might make them harder to part with when the time comes.

Interestingly ever since they were born we have been allocating their personal pronouns based upon their names, as actual gender has been difficult to determine. It really should be the other way round. What if Margot turns out to be a boy!!

But amidst all the new life and happiness, there is also great sadness. Cousin Billy has passed away.

R.I.P. Billy 2004 – 13.10.2020

Much loved, sadly missed, never forgotten.

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