Quarry Tiles

Posted By on 4th November 2020

I’ve always liked quarry tiles, don’t ask me why because I don’t know, but there were lots of them at ‘Grassy Bottom’ and when we were doing the renovations I spent a couple of hours with Danny carefully digging up the pantry floor and saving some of the better ones.

I brought them with me to Number 14, I think the removal men thought I was crazy! But you never know when these things might come in, and fast forward 6 years to my latest garden project, they were just what I needed.

I was making a little ‘walk-through’ to get on to my new lawn. I did some preliminary ground work before I laid the turf,

after the grass had taken, I built up the area a bit further to make it level, then did ‘the mix’. A tense moment, as I’d never tried anything like this before.

Next, I covered them with plastic to protect from overnight rain.

I unveiled them a couple of days later and cleaned them up.

The final job was to add decorative alpine grit to the spaces.

I now need some way to replace the small 6″ piece of missing kerbstone at the edge of the path.

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