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Regular readers will know about my 2 cats Poppy and Grayson, and visiting feral tomcat, Macbeth. Well, a few weeks ago I got another, Suki. Whether that was a wise thing to do only weeks away from moving house who knows? And the Coronavirus hasn’t helped matters either, but moving 3 cats to Huddersfield can’t be that much harder than moving 2, surely?! Can it?!

Suki had belonged to the mother of my gardening chum Sylvia. She had sadly passed away, leaving Suki needing a new home. We had 5 cats back in the day, so I was reasonably confident I could make it work, but the biggest problem was always going to be Poppy.

Why? Because she’s scared of everything and as a consequence hates everyone, including me sometimes. She has fairly simple tastes, sunbathing/sleeping during the day, sleeping with me at night, but woe betide anyone who gets in her way. She pre-empts any perceived danger by attacking first and asking questions later.

Grayson, on the other hand loves everyone, except Macbeth, in fact he’s a big, soft, pussy cat. Literally.

Suki is a 10-year-old black female with a gentle disposition, how hard could it be?

On arriving home I let her out of the basket so she could find her own ‘safe space’. That turned out to be the front bedroom, where she stayed for the first few days.

Fortunately as Poppy and I sleep in the back bedroom, and Grayson likes to go out, this arrangement worked pretty well.

Unfortunately the whole thing coincided with getting my new car and several unscheduled overnight stays in Huddersfield, so I wasn’t able to give the situation the attention I would have liked.

However, during my absence Suki has obviously grown in confidence and is now coming downstairs at regular intervals,

much to Grayson’s dismay, because if he breaches her personal space by even a tiny bit, he gets rewarded with a left hook! Now he is getting beaten up by both his sisters!

To his credit he doesn’t react or retaliate, Poppy on the other hand does, and I’ve had several kerfuffles involving the 2 girls, mostly ‘handbags at dawn’.

It’s quite normal now, particularly when the sun is shining, to have all 3 downstairs sunbathing, but in 3 different rooms!

However, I’ve given them all the hard word. Resolve your differences soon, because you can’t have a room each when we move!

Happy days!!

P.S. Over the last 28 weeks I have watched in awe as the competing teams in the BBC 2 quiz show ‘Only Connect’ have answered questions that I didn’t understand even when I heard the answers.

I can do better on ‘University Challenge’.

And yet.

In last Mondays final, for the first time ever, I actually got one connection right. Not only that, both of the teams got it wrong!

Feeling smug!!

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