Shit happens

Posted By on 20th April 2020

First let me begin by apologising for the rather blunt title. If you are offended by the use, or over-use, of the ‘S’ word, then I suggest you stop here and come back next Monday when I will hopefully have written something a little more wholesome.

For the rest of you, carry on.

Over the last few weeks I’m sure we’ve all done a lot of internet surfing for one reason or another, and I do rather wonder how we would all be managing had this happened 20 years ago before all the clever technology existed.

So is it a force for good?

Yes, overwhelmingly I think it is however, once you’ve waded through the bad taste, bullshit, fake news and false claims, what are you left with?

Well for me personally 2 things stand out, cats (bet you didn’t see that one coming!)

and toilet rolls, (look closely at what the chap behind her has in his trolley!)

or sometimes cats and toilet rolls!

Sometimes you find a slightly more thoughtful contribution such as this

but I only include it because it demonstrates perfectly my final point.

I hope your day will be suitably shit free, unless of course you’re suffering from constipation, in which case I hope it isn’t!

We will get through this.

Stay positive. Stay strong. Stay safe.

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