Posted By on 13th April 2020

Regular readers might recall a few weeks ago I briefly mentioned a couple of palindromes.


Perhaps this might refresh your memory for one of them.

Well since then I’ve stumbled across quite a few more.

For example ‘A nut for a jar of tuna.’

or what about ‘Never odd or even’

or ‘Do geese see god?’

But the longest I’ve found so far is ‘On a clover, if alive, erupts a vast pure evil; a fire volcano’.

So why all this sudden interest in palindromes?

Well, it’s because I’ve recently discovered that we all lived through a numerical one earlier this year.


But this wasn’t just any old ‘palindrome day’, no this was an ‘international palindrome day’ because it works not only in the UK but also in other countries like North America who write the date putting the month first.

If you want me to get really ‘geeky’ then I can tell you that the last ‘international palindrome day’ was way back in November 1111, though no-one noticed because it’s doubtful that North America was even using Arabic numerals then!

You’ll be pleased to know we won’t have to wait 900 years for the next one to come along, as it will be in December 2121 as you can see here!


Now if you want me to get ‘super geeky’ I can also tell you that Sunday 2 February 2020 was the 33rd day of the year, 33 being another palindrome and because this is a leap year it is also 333 days from the end of the year, a third palindrome!

So there you are. About as much palindrome information as any normal person can deal with in a lifetime!!

You’re welcome!!

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