The First Six Weeks

Posted By on 25th July 2020

My niece and her family are away this weekend and my broadband has just been connected today (at long last), so I’m taking the opportunity to reflect on the last few weeks and the huge changes that have occurred in my life.

Selling a house is one thing, but finding and buying somewhere else, and doing the deals simultaneously with everyone moving on the same day, is quite another. I still don’t really know how that works, but somehow it does, because I’ve just done it!

Then there are all the people and organisations you have to tell, all trimmed up with Covid19 and social distancing of course. If someone had told me before I started what I would have to contend with, I doubt I would have started, but as we know ‘faint heart never won fair maid’.

Who has impressed me most in all of this? Well, I got my driving licence back in less than a week which was pretty impressive, just as well really, because I needed it to collect a courtesy car when I suffered a catastrophic puncture just 2 weeks after moving.

That was something else I took in my stride. I set out at 9.30 am to go for some cash, it should have taken me 20 minutes tops, but turned into 5 hours of my life I’ll never get back and a ride in the back of a breakdown truck!

I’ve been without landline and internet for 6 weeks but somehow I’ve managed, the world hasn’t stopped, but I’m glad I didn’t know beforehand it would take so long.

I’ve arranged for 3 cats to be transported safely 80 miles up the motorway and booked into a cattery just 3 miles from my new home. Though to be honest, in Suki’s case distance is irrelevant because she loses control at both ends before I’ve even got into 3rd gear!!

Then Suki needed her booster shots and Grayson needed 2 teeth out, so I spent quite a lot of time at the vets last week.

I’ve worked harder than ever before and done lots of things for the first time and/or on my own. For example, I now know how to remove and replace a glittery toilet seat,

hang dozens of pictures in reasonably straight lines and put 2 small children to bed. I can also add re-attaching a bicycle chain to my CV and all of this with a torn bicep!

The truth is I never really believed I could do any of it, but here I am settled in my new home. Which just proves that you don’t know what you can do until you try.

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