Posted By on 16th July 2020

A few weeks ago I told you about my sister’s recent sortie into the world of cat ownership, with the lovely Isla and her 3 adorable kittens. Sadly 3 have become 2, the fate of the missing kitten is unknown, but I’m pleased to report that the 2 remaining ones are going from strength to strength.

At this stage, it isn’t clear if they are boys or girls, but one has already got the nickname ‘Harry Potter’ because of the mark over his eye, I really hope he does turn out to be a boy.

As yet the other one is un-named, and I’m pleased to report a good home has been found for both of them together, so it won’t be long before they both have proper names and a safe place to live.

Why is my sister not keeping them?

Well, it looks like young Isla has got herself pregnant again, so Janice is bracing herself for the next furry delivery and has now consulted the vet for the best way to ensure that this won’t become an ongoing problem!

I’ll say no more now, just let the pictures do the talking.

They have hearty appetites,

and enjoy quality family time on the roof of the cat hotel!

Exploring under Mum’s watchful eye.

Isla, a proud Mum.

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