Week 12

Posted By on 8th June 2014

If you had told me in Week 1 that I would be starting a future blog post with the words ‘ Week 12’ I would have been horrified, but there it is, that’s exactly what I am doing, so here goes.

Week 12 has been a funny week in many respects. We’re moved in, yet it doesn’t seem real. We’re still living out of boxes and cooking in a microwave, just like we have been for the last 9 months. It’s a bit like being on holiday, roughing it in a caravan, albeit a very big one.

On the plus side, at least we aren’t paying out rent and 2 lots of rates and water charges like we have been since February.

The builders haven’t been here much, so what’s got done?

Well the kitchen extractor fan got fitted in the chimney breast, but due to a missing part doesn’t work, that means the cooker can’t be fitted yet and remains in the middle of the floor.

As does the pine sink unit, which was delivered on Friday. That can’t be fitted until the plumber decides to put in an appearance. Hopefully he’ll finish fitting the shower at the same time. (Who am I trying to kid!?)

So what was an obstacle course has now become a death trap with connected cooker cable at ankle height and a loose Belfast sink leaning against the wall, both just waiting to trap the unwary on their way to bed.

The size of the task ahead is huge, in fact I can’t think about it like that, so instead try to concentrate on a little bit at a time.

I’m sure it will be worth it in the end, but there are times when I think we’re just too old for this. And I’ve lost half a stone in weight, which is an unexpected side effect. Not that I would recommend doing up a house as an alternative to ‘Weight Watchers’, it’s too much like hard work!

However, not all of us are tired and stressed out!


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