I Just Can’t Help It

Posted By on 23rd April 2015

They say that ‘great oaks from little acorns grow’ and as I’m a bit of a ‘sow it and see what happens’ kind of person, about 35 years ago I put that to the test by sowing a couple of dozen acorns.

After some time I found myself with several small oak trees in pots which I proceeded to give to family and friends (they must have been delighted!)

I kept a few myself and managed to keep track of some of the others but they were a bit like lion cubs, cute at the start, but quickly growing into a liability. I mean what do you do with an oak tree? (or indeed a lion.)

In the end I sent most of mine to some friends of my sister in Scotland, where I trust they are thriving. I planted the last one in the field at Ravendale House. It did well and the first time it had it’s own acorn I felt like a proud grandparent.

I didn’t just concentrate on oak trees, I also grew sycamores and field maples, and one magnificent horse chestnut. Whilst the sycamores and maples went to Scotland with the remaining oaks, the horse chestnut was planted in the field.

Sadly the new owners didn’t like trees, so it could be that my oak and horse chestnut have both been cut down. The thought of that breaks my heart which is why we’ve never been back to see what they have done to the place.

Well 35 years on and I’m still at it. I now have 2 beautiful horse chestnut trees. How cute is this?


A perfect little conker tree.

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