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Posted By on 3rd October 2014

The beginning of October dawned bright, warm and sunny, just like September had been. We’re trying to make the most of this ‘Indian Summer’ by concentrating on outdoor jobs, though we still can’t clear up as Adrian hasn’t been seen in over a week.

So I’ve been doing some outside painting and then on Tuesday I planted the 4 cotoneaster plants as part of our plan to convert the 8′ conifer hedge into a 4′ cotoneaster one. Pictures will follow, but as this is a slow process, probably not until next year.

Elsewhere Peter, who won’t do anything the easy way if he feels the hard way would produce a better result, has decided to make his own curtain poles.

Made from 3 lengths of 12′ pine handrail with antique brass brackets and decorative finials all bought on the Internet, we should end up with 4 identical, chunky poles, exactly to our specifications.

Here we have an example of what the poles will look like before painting, eventually they will be painted in a suitable colour to match each room.


And here we have the start of the painting process. Can you see what we’re using to hold one end up? Why Gladys’s commode of course!

Gardeners amongst you will also notice the Japanese Acer in all it’s Autumn splendour to the right of the picture.


Meanwhile, regular readers of my previous blog might remember the glass lampshade, bought on EBay, but damaged in the post.

If you want to read more about our EBay disasters, click here.

Anyway, we finally found someone to mend the lampshade, and the best news is he lives in Lincoln, so no more worries about damage in the post.

We took it to him about 10 days ago and went to collect it on Thursday. We’re very pleased with the result. All we have to do now is attach it to the ceiling, which I’m told could be easier said than done.

Finally a question. When did buying a light bulb get so complicated? You feel like you need a degree to understand the complexities and combinations on offer. What ever happened to a 60w bulb?

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