I Knew It Was A Good Idea!

Posted By on 27th November 2018

Last Tuesday I watched the live ‘Martin Lewis Money Programme’ on ITV. I’ve become quite a fan of his recently. Earlier in the year some of his advice resulted in me getting a fair sized tax refund and during these last few months his website has been extremely useful for financial matters relating to bereavement.

The programme was packed full of useful info, but the piece that caught my eye was the one about cutting back on unnecessary Xmas presents. That’s not all presents but just the ones where you buy me one for £xx so I have to buy you one back for £xx. You know the kind of thing I mean.

He reckons it puts people under pressure, causes untold stress and pushes some into debt, his audience seemed to agree. ‘But what about the spirit of Xmas?’ I hear you cry. Well his solution is simple, make a small donation to your favourite charity instead.

Hang on a minute. That sounds vaguely familiar. Remember what I wrote 2 years ago? Of course you don’t, so here’s a reminder.

“Here’s a question. Are you swayed by TV advertising? The run up to Xmas is when all the big guns wheel out their festive adverts, and while I’m first to admit that this years John Lewis ad, Buster the Boxer and his fury friends, is cute and well made, would it persuade me to shop at their store? Absolutely not.

I actually prefer the series of ads by Aldi featuring the adventures of a little carrot called Kevin. As an animal lover I’m not quite sure why a small root vegetable would rank higher in my affections, but would Kevin persuade me to shop at Aldi if I didn’t already do so? Again no.

I guess I’m in a minority here as I’m sure the big retailers will have had their bean counters all over it during the year and have presumably concluded that the financial rewards justify the huge expense of making these ads.

But why not try something different next year?

It would need one retailer to take the lead and instead of spending millions on making and promoting their advert, they could use the money to make a real difference by donating it to good causes.

They could even invent a ‘good cause’ of their own if they preferred, just as long as it helped people and animals who were cold, ill or lonely at Xmas, to feel warm, cared for and loved.

I bet if one did it the rest would follow and a huge amount of ‘good’ could be done instead of lining the pockets of already overpaid ad agencies. If they did that they would certainly get my attention and earn my utmost respect, the gratitude of many more and their customers would love them for it.”

OK so it’s slightly different to Mr Lewis’s, but the principal’s the same. I knew it was a good idea!

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