Head Or Heart?

Posted By on 24th February 2020

So I couldn’t put it off any longer, it was make your mind up time for the computer and the car. I’d done my research, had my test drives and calculated my finances, I needed to make a decision.

For Peter half the fun of buying big-ticket items such as these was what you might call ‘the chase’. Finding the best deal within a 100-mile radius online, then squeezing the retailer until their pips squeaked. That’s not my way.

He once asked me how I would go on getting a new car if he was no longer around and was horrified when I said I’d just go to the local garage and buy one. Given that I have done exactly that and gone to PC World for my computer (a place he hated with a passion) he’ll probably come back and haunt me!

The computer was probably the most difficult of the two because even when I’d chosen my machine, and agreed to pay to have it set up and all my ‘stuff’ transferred on to it, the fact that my email address, (which I wanted to keep) is connected to this website, caused the computer chaps at PC World no end of trouble. They tried, but in short they couldn’t do it.

In the end I was saved by the man whose company hosts my websites. He took control of my new machine remotely and input all the appropriate settings as I sat and watched. A very surreal experience, he went to places I didn’t even know I had!

The car was fairly straightforward compared to that. Fiesta or Mini.

The deal I was offered on a top of the range Fiesta, that had been languishing in the showroom and they wanted to move it on, was excellent, in fact I’d be an idiot to refuse it, but refuse it I did. Why? Because it didn’t make me smile.

The Mini on the other hand did. It was a clear case of going with my head or my heart and my heart won, even though I can’t collect the car until the end of next month.

A Mini is certainly more practical than an MX5 having 4 seats, but probably not more ‘age-appropriate’. However I don’t care.

I’m not going to drift into old age in a beige Fiesta, I’m going to advance proudly wearing gaily coloured ‘Doc Martens’, (yes, these are all mine)

jeans and driving a bright red Mini Convertible with sports seats and an electric roof.

(Sadly that isn’t me in the photo!)

Call me a delusional idiot or a stupid old fool, hate me if you want, but the truth is this isn’t a rehearsal, you can’t take it with you, and you’re a long time dead.

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