Going It Alone

Posted By on 3rd February 2020

I’ve never been brave, but over the last 16 months I’ve had to do lots of things that scare me. Mostly they’ve gone well, indeed there have been times I’ve actually surprised myself, but 2 things I’ve never done on my own before are buying a new computer or a new car. I’ve watched Peter do both scores of times but always from a safe distance.

Neither of the 2 computers I have are in the first flush of youth but both work fine and would no doubt continue to do so for years to come, but in computer years they are ancient relics.

Recent publicity surrounding Windows7 leads me to believe I need to upgrade to Windows10 urgently, but Windows10 doesn’t sit happily with old machines. I could buy a W10 disc and try to do it myself, but it could end up being a waste of my time, patience and money. Conclusion? I need a new computer with W10 already installed.

My car is beautiful and I love it to bits, but it will be 3 years old in March and the finance deal runs out. Due to the new way of buying cars these days this means that I will need to find a large some of money, which I simply don’t have.

Not a surprise, the idea had been that between us we’d save up over the 3 years to pay it off, but as we know, best laid plans etc. So I’m faced with 3 choices.

Re-finance in some way e.g bank loan.
Hand the car back and walk away.
Trade it in for a new car.

After some consideration I decided that it was a ‘no brainer’ and opted for no.3 on the list.

So I find myself in the bizarre situation of buying a new car simply because I can’t afford to keep the old one or perhaps more accurately because changing makes more practical and financial sense in my particular circumstances. (And because it’s more exciting!)

And so in the next few days I’ll be doing 2 more things that scare me. How will I get on? Watch this space.

We live in a strange world, and dealing with things like this alone isn’t much fun, but I’m lucky, I have a small network of trusted family and friends whose opinions I value.

But I’ve also learnt to

Not sure if that means I actually am brave or just pragmatic.

Think I’ll go with brave, it sounds cooler!

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