Posted By on 20th January 2020

The Internet is a truly wonderful thing. Let’s face it you couldn’t be reading this without it, but seriously, the speed with which it has become an important, nay indispensable, part of most peoples lives is quite extraordinary. And the service it provides is mind blowing when you stop and think about it. How did we ever live without it?

However, we also know that it is full of ‘fake news’ and has a darker side which enables cruel, unscrupulous people to do untold damage to others behind a veil of anonymity. Why do a few bad people have to spoil it for the rest of us?

But on balance the Internet is overwhelmingly a force for good though the statistics on that do vary depending who you believe.

Interestingly one of Peter’s favourite ‘one-liners’ was “78% of all statistics are made up”. (I made up the 78%, that’s the joke, you just insert a random number!)

Failing to move house last year was a roller-coaster of frantic activity punctuated with intense boredom and culminating in deep, desperate disappointment. One day, to take my mind of things, I was aimlessly ‘surfing’ when I came upon this rather curious claim.

“This is the only sentence in the English language that reads the same backwards as well as forwards”, the website said. Just my kind of mindless trivia. And sure enough it does.

‘Was it a car or a cat I saw’

But is it really the only one?

Sadly not because I already knew about this one!

Perhaps you know more.

So there we are, proof, if proof were needed, that 67% of what you read on the Internet is rubbish!!

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