Car Parks

Posted By on 29th January 2019

Last week I went to the local hospital for a chest X-ray. It didn’t take long, less than 20 minutes from entering the hospital to trying to find my way out again. Even the car park was simple to understand, but what happened in the next car park I went in was a little harder to fathom.

I’d driven into Louth and parked in the public car park just off the main street, it wasn’t particularly full and I was able to park in my favourite place in the bottom corner where it’s usually quiet.

Having finished shopping, I was walking back towards my car where I saw a chap in a large silver Mercedes just about to pull into the space next to me. Why he wanted that particular space I don’t know as there were plenty more available, but it’s a free country, so none of my business. He waited to allow me to open my door and get in and I said ‘thank-you’.

Then he continued to wait, half in and half out of the space next to me, presumably waiting for me to go. Unfortunately for him I had just bought an iced finger from Couplands and I had every intention of eating it before I set off. After all it’s a free country, none of his business, and I had paid until 10.30am which gave me a good 20 minutes.

The penny must have dropped, or maybe he saw the size of the iced finger, either way he slowly pulled into the space, discovered he hadn’t left enough room to open his door, reversed out and tried again. Same problem, still couldn’t open his door, so he just sat there.

Because our cars had been driven in facing in opposite directions, it meant the drivers windows were next to each other. I just couldn’t bear to look at him, heaven alone knows what he was doing. I imagined him glaring at me or willing me to choke on my iced finger.

Why didn’t he just chose another space, one without a parked car at either side? There were plenty available.

In the end I gave in, he was ruining my snack, so I put the ‘finger’ back in it’s bag and drove off.

He should think himself very lucky I hadn’t just bought fish and chips!

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