The Trouble With Trump

Posted By on 16th July 2018

First of all I should say that I’m no-ones idea of a political animal, but I do take a keen interest in current affairs. Secondly I should point out that my opinions of Mr Trump are based entirely on what I have seen in the media which may, or may not, be a true reflection of his personality.

However, it seems to me he is arrogant, a bully, a narcissist, a racist, a mysoginist, a liar, and could quite happily look you in the eye and tell you with complete sincerity that black is white. I’m sure there must be a word for that, but I don’t know what it is. If he’s challenged on a lie, he just replies ‘fake news’. It seems nothing and no-one can touch him.

Even his best buddy Nigel Farage was heard to say ‘don’t take him literally, but do take him seriously’. Probably one of the most sensible things Mr Farage has said in some time.

But here’s the really annoying thing about Donald Trump. Amidst all that bluster and bullshit, occasionally, just occasionally he says something that sounds sensible and I find myself agreeing with him, which is rather alarming on several levels.

Does he mean what he says? Why am I agreeing with this bigot? Will he change his mind tomorrow? He’s messing with my head.

But just imagine how hard it must be dealing with him on the political stage.

Whatever you think about Theresa May, her politics or policies, you have to feel sorry for her over the last week, culminating in Mr Trumps visit. I find it hard to imagine two more different people.

The Queen must have wanted to hit him with her handbag as well when he got in her way whilst inspecting the guard of honour. Now that would be a headline! I’d like to see him call that ‘fake news’.

I was watching the coverage of the protests outside Blenheim Palace on the first day of his visit. Amidst a hoard of placards sporting clever slogans and single words such as ‘racist’, I spied, hand written on a piece of cardboard, the legend ‘we don’t like this sort of thing’.

Whether they were referring to Mr Trump, his policies or the protest itself I don’t know but it made me laugh out loud. What a very English protest cry.

It put me in mind of Victoria Wood who joked that come nuclear Armageddon the people in her village would just ‘tut’, roll their eyes to the skies and make a cup of tea.

I do like being English.

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