Spend, Spend, Spend.

Posted By on 12th August 2014

Despite the fact we haven’t received the final bill for the renovations, so don’t know if we have any money left, we’ve been on a spending spree. (If you’re reading this Adrian, where are you?)

Peter has bought 2 Victorian Chesterfield sofas and a spectacular coat-rack, whilst I have bought a small vacuum cleaner, a washing-up bowl and a computer mouse! (Viv Nicholson has nothing on me.)

Why, I hear you ask, is any of this worthy of note. Well the answer is they were all delivered to our door at little or no cost.

Not surprising in the case of furniture, but what about the other items. Why have them delivered?

Answer. Convenience, availability and price.

Small ‘Vax’ cylinder vacuum cleaner, £34.99 delivered.

Large, dark red washing-up bowl £5.99 delivered. I couldn’t even find one in the shops.

But the pièce de résistance? A brand new optical mouse, with scrolling wheel, £1.79 delivered in a couple of days.

How did we ever manage before E Bay?

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