Posted By on 18th December 2017

You might remember a few weeks ago I wrote about my brother-in-law who knits jumpers using the wool from their pet sheep.

Well this got me thinking and back down memory lane I went remembering how, back in the day, I was quite a good knitter.

I preferred doing things that were a bit different to the normal and particularly enjoyed doing ‘Fair Isle’ or ‘Aran’ and the like.

Trouble was my knitting style could best be described as ‘anal’, meaning that a jumper for example tended to restrict the blood flow of the hapless recipient. I feel this problem could be traced back to the time I knit a pair of babies booties for one of my dad’s work colleagues.

They were the first ‘proper’ knitting I’d ever done. I was pleased with them but my dad said they were more likely to fit the centre half of Halifax Town AFC than a new born baby. I never quite got over that and ever after my knitting was tight with a capital ‘T’.

However I was not deterred and at one stage even incorporated my own design into the pattern for a plain top using graph paper and a suitable (!?) photograph. That must have been 50 years ago and I still have it as you can see here.

It was harder than I had imagined and I soon went back to knitting other peoples designs. I haven’t picked up a pair of knitting needles in anger in over 40 years yet I still have a few of my favourite pieces.

How would you fancy hanging this little beauty up on Xmas Eve?

Don’t worry if you think it’s not big enough, I knit a pair,

in fact I knit a full set!

I have actually worn them, but to be honest the little gloves cut off the blood supply to my finger ends!

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