I’m Back

Posted By on 25th September 2021

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? I can’t believe it’s so long since I posted anything on here, I think you can probably put that down to gardening, sunny weather, eBay and children.

My garden has been so much better in it’s first year than I could ever have hoped for, in what has been quite a good Summer, but sadly most of the plants are on the wane now, so thoughts are obviously turning to next year.

However, on a particularly wet day during the school holidays, I thought I’d show my niece’s little boy my coin collection.

Now before any of you numismatists get excited, I don’t think it has any great value, in fact I don’t even know where a lot of it came from, where would I get coins from Nigeria, Uganda and Palestine?!!

But I did enjoy showing him and taking a trip down memory lane in the process.

Some of my favourites are the UK pre-decimalisation coins. I’m particularly fond of three-penny bits and half-crowns, (about 1p and 12.5p respectively)


but going back further, what about silver three-penny bits

farthings, old halfpennies and new halfpennies?

It feels like another world. I can remember quite clearly on 15th February 1971, going into a sweet shop on my way home from work to spend my first decimal currency.

How times have changed. I went to blow my tyres up earlier this week armed as usual with a 50p piece. The coin slot had been taped up and you could only pay using a contactless card.

I suppose it’s called progress.

For Julie.

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