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Posted By on 5th January 2016

Despite forecasts to the contrary, it didn’t rain today, well not until around 2.30pm anyway, but sadly the garden work was still hampered by the fact that the blocks and bricks for the foundations won’t be delivered until tomorrow, when once again it is forecast to rain. However, that didn’t stop me from getting some jobs done.

For the last 3 months I’ve been busy moving plants that look like they might be in the way of the garden project, and I’m pleased to say that so far, thanks to the mild weather, all seem to be happy in their new homes.

But you can only move what you can see and I’ve always known that a lot of Galdys’s Spring bulbs would be displaced during the work.

So today I’ve been trying to relocate lots of bulbs that have been unearthed in the excavations. Not an easy task considering everywhere and everything is caked in mud and I’ve run out of ‘free’ flower beds. Let’s face it, there’s no point in relocating bulbs if in doing so, you make other bulbs homeless. Consequently some have gone in pots and me and all my tools are filthy.

Just to make the job even more dirty I had to dig out the ‘Lucifer’ bulbs that I’d so carefully ‘stored’ in a hole last month, as despite my best attempts, they too fell foul of the digger. They’re now in an old tin dustbin.

Adrian and Bret have been fine tuning the level of the trench ready for the concrete. Leonard tried to help at one point, but as he tried to jump out of the trench the side collapsed under his weight showering soil, and Leonard, back down the hole. He did get out at the second attempt and went away quietly to wash his leg as we were all laughing at him. (That will make perfect sense to ‘cat’ people.)

Before lunch Bret started to cut down an old apple tree that was no longer productive and rather in the way, but his chainsaw jammed.


Once chainsaw repairs were complete the last job of the day was to finish cutting down the tree, before the rain set in.


We’re going to leave about 4′ of the trunk so that we can make it into a bird table or bird bath. Peter’s not convinced, watch this space.

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