Don’t Give Up The Day Job

Posted By on 29th March 2021

Another result of lockdown is our use of the Internet to spread laughs and lift spirits. I know it spreads all kinds of other things too, but I’m preferring to concentrate on the positives, in particular, what I believe are referred to as ‘memes’.

Lockdown has provided fertile territory for sharp and witty minds, and there are undoubtedly some good ones doing the rounds, one of my favourites at the moment is this topical little gem.

But here’s the thing. How easy is it to come up with a snappy, topical and amusing caption?

I like the current affairs news quiz ‘Have I Got News For You’ and have nothing but admiration for the panellists who seem to be able to conjure up amusing stories, quips, anecdotes and captions at the drop of a hat.

But how easy is it?

Well, I was working in the back garden the other day when I dug this up on the prong of my fork.

This might help you with the scale involved. It’s about 2″ long.

It’s a beautifully detailed little boot made of hard plastic and I pierced it straight through the sole and out through the foot hole. What a shot! I can only assume it’s from a child’s toy.

So, what amusing caption could you put on that?

Even with plenty of time to think about it I was struggling.

‘GI Joe, missing in action, clue found.’

‘Boot found in garden, something’s afoot.’

Pretty weak don’t you think?

So this is my best.

‘Old lady who lives in a shoe downsizing after children leave home.’

I won’t give up the day job!

Oh, hang on a minute. This is my day job

and I won’t be giving that up any time soon!!

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