Two Close Shaves

Posted By on 11th December 2018

My weekly supermarket run takes me through some of Lincolnshires beautiful countryside. Narrow country lanes, rolling fields, big Lincolnshire skies, but it’s not without it’s hazards.

The other week I was driving along when I spied 2 female pheasants chatting right on the side of the road. Having seen them in good time I slowed down as they can be very unpredictable and many fall foul of us motorists as the numerous bodies on the roadside will testify.

As if to prove my point, when I was almost upon them they panicked. One turned and ran into the field, the other ran straight out in front of me. I slammed on the brakes, closed my eyes and prayed. How I missed hitting her I will never know.

Exactly one week later and in almost the same place a grey squirrel ran out from the hedgerow. Everything went into slow motion and in one split second he saw me, stopped, right in the middle of the road, looked at me with one of those ‘oh sh–!’ expressions on his face like you see in cartoons, turned round and went back the way he came.

Yes, I know he’s the wrong colour, but it’s the best I could do.

Once again I slammed on the brakes, closed my eyes and prayed. Thankfully the animal Gods were smiling on me once again as he escaped unharmed.

When I did my next supermarket trip I was ready for anything, well they say things come in threes don’t they, but all I encountered was a newly abandoned easy chair in a gateway.

What kind of people do that to a poor defenceless chair? I half expected it to run out in front of me, but it didn’t. The next week it had gone, presumably to that great DFS in the sky.

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