Posted By on 21st June 2014

Week 14 has been a succession of ‘ings’. Let me explain what I mean.

Early on in the week we both had bad backs which meant that even a simple thing like sitting down or getting up again involved major effort and some degree of pain. Still so much work to do. Frustrating.

Apart from sending Lee on Thursday afternoon to remove the last remnants of the old kitchen, a lead pipe sticking up through the floor of our new hall, Adrian hasn’t been, so no work has been done on the house even though there are lots of things that still need his attention. Disappointing.

The cheque that we received for our refundable deposit on the cottage couldn’t be paid into the bank for technical reasons which I won’t go into here. A wasted trip to Grimsby. Annoying.

By Friday we both had some mobility back, so tried to get on with some jobs. Filling. Sanding. Painting.

And finally, the England football team.
Played 2, lost 2 and now we’re out of the 2014 World Cup. So much unfulfilled promise. Frustrating. Disappointing. Annoying. Embarrassing.

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