If You Build It They Will Come

Posted By on 11th May 2016

One of the few pleasures of renting ‘Joiners Cottage’ (and there weren’t many because after the novelty had worn off we grew to hate it) was the antics of the house martins who lived in the open sheds in the yard and provided us with hours of enjoyment watching their wonderful aerial antics.

Two years down the line when Peter was planning the garage/shed here, he designed the garage part to be open (which technically makes it a cart lodge) so when it’s finished only the shed section will have a door.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if swallows/house martins were to nest in it?” we mused during the long winter days, but in truth we had no clue whether we were just being fanciful.

Imagine my delight on Monday morning when I opened the bedroom curtains to find swallows (I think) swooping in and out of the garage, and this just 4 days after the scaffolding came down. Slightly more of a worry was the fact that they were also swooping in and out of the shed.

We don’t want them to set up home there as it will be getting a door on soon. Urgent action was needed and so straight after breakfast we installed a curtain, as you can see here.


It seems to have done the trick, as Monday continued with lots more swooping in and out of the garage, but not the shed. Whether a pair will eventually consider it a suitable ‘des res’ I don’t know, but at least the early signs are good.

Who needs a ‘Field of Dreams’ when you’ve got a ‘Grassy Bottom’!!

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