How’s Your Chinese?

Posted By on 19th January 2016

Peter has bought me a ‘Smartphone’ for my birthday, it’s a serious piece of kit, stuffed with modern technology and functionality. It’s also slim and elegant, just like me! 😉 😮
The problem is it’s instruction manual is written in Chinese!!

The advert said it had English instructions. We took this to mean an English manual. However, the only thing that’s in English is a small leaflet giving useful information such as, ‘this device has a phone which you can use to make and receive telephone calls’, ‘this device has a camera which you can use to take photos and make videos and a gallery in which to save them’.

I won’t go on, I’m sure you get the gist. Consequently there has been quite a lot of ‘trial and error’ going on this weekend. I’m pleased to say we have made some progress, you never know I might be treating you to a ‘Grassy Bottom’ video before long. The only one I’ve made so far is of Leonard asleep, which is like watching a long photo!

Meanwhile progress has also been made in the garden. The block work wall has ‘gone off’ and can now be back-filled. Once the bricks are delivered work can start on the outer skin and the new retaining wall will begin to take shape.

Having disposed of the upright concrete ‘gravestones’ that ran along where the wall is being built, it was time to break up and remove the concrete slabs that had formed the path.


We’ve still got a long way to go, but at least it’s stopped raining.

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