A Bucket List

Posted By on 25th June 2019

It seems to me the idea of a bucket list is a relatively new thing and whilst I was failing miserably to find out if that was in fact true, I came upon something else. A reverse bucket list. Now I assumed this meant all the things you have absolutely no intention of doing, but it seems I’m wrong.
“A bucket list is what you want to do; a reverse bucket list is what you’ve already done.”
Who knew?
However, I digress.

Regular readers will have probably gathered by now that my life is in a period of quite radical change following Peter’s death 9 months ago. (Today would have been his 66th birthday.) My entire outlook on everything is changing and here I’m going to share an example of what I mean.

I’ve become very close to my niece and her family over the last few months, and a few days ago we were enjoying one of our regular phone chats. She mentioned she was hoping to see the film ‘Rocketman’ the musical biography of the incomparable Elton John.

“Peter and I were big Elton John fans, back in the day”. I said.
“Have you ever seen him live?” came the reply.
“No” I said “have you?”
“Yes” she said, “several times, would you like to? Shall we put it on your bucket list?”

This final comment shocked me on several levels, not least of which was the fact that I didn’t even know I had a bucket list!

Yes, I have briefly flirted with the idea of making one over the last few months but that’s as far as I’ve got, partly because the only thing I could think to put on it was that I’d like to cuddle lion or tiger cubs, so it hardly qualifies as ‘a list’.

However, back to the story.

I gathered my composure and replied “Yes, why not?” (something I would have been too scared to say 9 months ago) and thought no more about it.

About 4 hours later the phone rang again. “Guess what I’ve just got in an email?” came an excited voice. “No idea” I replied. “Tickets are going on sale tomorrow for Elton John’s farewell UK tour. Shall I get us some?”

I can’t begin to explain the mix of emotions that surged through my body at that precise moment.

An expletive, closely followed by excitement, fear, surprise, anticipation, alarm, panic, elation, exhilaration? Whatever they actually were it was a potent mix.

“Aren’t I a bit long in the tooth for that kind of thing?” I protested weakly. “You do know I’ve never been to a live concert in my life before, don’t you?”

Then I took a deep breath and thought for a moment.

The Universe has guided me well in recent months. This is more than a mere coincidence. If this serendipity is the Universe telling me I ought to go to an Elton John concert, who am I to argue? Instead I ought to open my mind and listen, after all, everything happens for a reason.

24 hours later the tickets were booked and paid for and so on Monday December 7th 2020, by which time I will be the grand old age of 66years and 10 months, I will be attending my first ever pop/rock concert,

and I’ve told my niece she is now officially the curator of my bucket list.

Bring it on!! 😛

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